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Software Distribution

Privacy and Cookie Policy

Privacy Policy

This policy relates to personal data, as defined by the Data Protection Act 1998, held for administration of University of Cambridge software purchasing and distribution.

The Software Distribution system ( holds database records of purchases of software, licences, and related goods made by members of the University, its colleges and affiliated institutions.

The information is used for the following purposes:

  • To allow users and their departments to see their purchases.
  • To allow users and their departments to see software licences that they are responsible for.
  • To maintain records of software and licences purchased through Software Distribution.
  • To produce statistical reports for management purposes, such as for annual reports, and auditing.

All personal data held in the system is visible to the users to which it relates. The data is also made available to administrative users, and the departments responsible for the users making purchases on their behalf. No personal information is passed to third parties.

Access to administrative parts of the system is restricted to staff members who need to assist with the purchasing and distribution of goods available through the system.

Our web server records details of every HTTP interaction. For the first three months our web server logs contain the following:

  • IP Address of the connecting client.
  • Authenticated CRSid (after a successful Raven login).
  • Time stamp.
  • Request made.
  • jessionid cookie value (a hexadecimal number unique to your session)
  • Server's response code and number of bytes returned.

After three months, the IP address of the connecting client, and the authenticated userid are removed from our logs. The remaining log data is kept for a further 9 months.


This site uses one cookie essential for the operation of the site:

Cookie Returned to Function Persistence
jsessionid Session management and authentication The duration of your browsing session, ending when your web browser application exits.

The value of the jsessionid cookie is a random hexadecimal number generated by our web server software. It is a session cookie that is stored for as long as your web browser application is open, closing the browser will delete this cookie. It is used by only and is not shared with other websites.

The session cookie enables us to remember the login state of the user as they use the Software Distribution system (